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Beti It is an advanced cloud-based platform developed to give GC’s and developers a complete control over site safety, management and handover. 

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Protect your construction site from wage theft, inspection violations, and litigation.

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Empower workers to report and assign construction issues that need resolving

Site Safety Score

Receive automatic ratings for how well a worksite protects workers from harm and promotes their well-being

Beti dashboard

Ensure only authorized personnel can enter the site using innovative 3D facial recognition technology.

1. Customized attendance report

2. Subcontractor insurance verification

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Integrate employee scheduling, task assignment, and performance tracking. Streamline communication, and maximize productivity to enhance overall efficiency on site.

1. Real-time head count

2. Tracking reports for wage-theft prevention

3. Workers' credentials tracking

4. Integrated pre-shift management

Labor management

Automate worker timestamps and know exactly who's on site, saving time and maintaining accuracy.

1. Automated daily report per subcontractor

2. Automated DOB requirements

3. Real-time data from access-control software

Daily Worklog

1. Permits Tracking & Notification

2. Equipment Checklist

equipment management

Generate comprehensive and informative reports featuring all the data you need to optimize your work.

1. Safety

2. Project Progress Status

3. Attendance

4. Open Items

5. Handover Protocols

6. Subcontractor Management

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Features that set us apart

Let Beti do the work for you

From configurable safety checklists to real-time area information and work requirements, Beti offers an unparalleled range of features designed to improve safety and operational efficiency.
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Work Offline
No signal? No problem! Beti’sfeatures are available to you offlineand your work will sync automatically upon connection.
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Data Dashboard
A visualized overview of yourproject, including a insightsand progress reports.
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Auto Alerts
Get smart, real-time alerts aboutprogress reports, safety hazards,equipment, attendance, and more!
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Advanced Technology
Beti is based on top-tier Israelitechnology and various AI solutions.
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Peace of Mind
With lower risks come lowerinsurance rates and lower chancesfor potential lawsuits and fines.
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Ease of Use
A user-friendly platform designed to make managing and controlling your project a whole lot easier.
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Beti’s Commitment to Your Projects and Beyond
We’re not just committed to safety; we’re committed to the environment. All our operations are hosted on 100% environmentally friendly servers.
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Let Beti Manage Your Construction Site & Safety
A Configurable Approach to Simplified, Automated Safety

Easily and efficiently supervise and coordinate your workflows and worker safety on site. Our cloud-based platform allows you to streamline your work processes with innovative tools designed to make your life easier.Based on cutting-edge Israeli technology, Beti saves you time and money, allowing you to easily access, manage, and oversee your project in every aspect, from any device.

Plan your Safety Strategy

It's time to prioritize safety, Secure your safety consultation today to address your specific safety needs. We will work together to develop customized safety plan that fits your organization's safety requirement.

What Our Customers Say

Jason Healy

Senior Superintendent

"It's quick and it is also integrates other things; pre-shift, safety meeting, digital orientation..."

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David Rivera

Director of Operations

"I'm looking forward to expanding with Beti as we expand geographically.."

How we can help you

David Kim

Assistant Superintendent

"prior to Beti, the way I track people on site
was relying on Foreman's word of mouth.."

How we can help you

Anthony Scotto

Director of Operations

"It's very user
friendly, the acceptance from our project teams has been tremendous"

How we can help you

What Our Customers Say

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